Construction Site Safety Tips

In order to avoid injuries on site, safety on construction sites is of the up most importance. We’ve come up with some tips to help you avoid accidental injuries:

Personal Equipment – Prevention is always the best protection. Head protection should always be worn in construction areas and other protective gear, like slip-resistant boots and masks, should be worn when appropriate.

Stairways – Stairways should be kept clear of dirt and especially of debris to avoid trips and falls. You can also cover stairs with treads to avoid slipping.CAPTAIN LOGO

Focus on What You Know – Construction workers each have a job to do, and they’re good at that job because it’s what they we’re trained to do. If your company isn’t in the business of moving large equipment, why would you try to do so? At US Rigging, we specialize in moving single pieces and entire plants, along with dismantling services. When you’re in need of insured heavy equipment movers, look no further than US Rigging.

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