Improving Your Warehouse Layout


Warehouse Layout

Defining areas in your warehouse will enable it to run at full capacity. If you’re still working in a space that is running on organized chaos, know that it can soon lead to actual chaos. An organized warehouse can be a simple thing to achieve with a few changes.

Achieving Warehouse Efficiency

  • Receiving Area- Your receiving area is the hub of activity in your warehouse. Make sure it functions efficiently by clearing enough room for your staff. The more room they have the easier it will be for them to get the job done.
  • Define Areas- Activity is the warehouse can be fast which is why having a good system in play with ensure it stays that way. Separate your warehouse into well-defined parts so items can be found with ease. This will also help with keeping track of inventory.
  • Clean- Overall, your warehouse should remain as spotless as it can be. Remove excess pallets in the loading area and items should be keep in their designated areas, and those areas should remain neat.

Pallet Relocations in Green Bay

US Rigging can help you with your warehouse makeover by removing pallets or equipment. Make space is the quickest way to achieve efficiency in your space. For more information about our services, contact us at (920)655-2767.


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What you need to know about relocating your business


Location, location, location

Location is a major factor when it comes to your business. If you have found better real estate to help boost your business then you need to snatch it up. If you’re hesitating because the move seems too daunting a prospect, worry not because we have the tips you need.

Moving day

  1. Communicate- Discuss the move with your staff as soon as you know the move will be taking place. You will want to give them time to come to terms with a big move. Do the same with your clients if need be.
  2. Establish a team- Pick a team of trusted employees to make decisions about the move. The project leader should be a senior employee who understands the inner-workings of the office.
  3. Pick the right movers- The process of moving can be complex and stressful. Hiring the right movers will ease the tension because you can place your trust in professionals who have handle this type of move before.

Equipment relocation Green Bay

US Rigging has the professionals that can help you with your move. Be it office or industrial equipment, they have the right movers for you. For more information about their relocation service, contact them at 920-655-2767.


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3 Reasons to Recycle Scrap Metal


  1. Eliminate Danger: Scrap metal can be very sharp, posing threat to your workforce. Always recycle these pieces before worker cut themselves, or other injuries occur.
  2. Help Environment: Any form of recycling is great for the environment, as it allows us to reuse resources we have already cultivated, rather than extract new supplies from the earth.
  3. Get Paid: Scrap yards will pay you for your scrap metal, thus by recycling, you can actually make money.

Do you have some scrap metal to recycle? US Rigging offers scrap metal recycling services, to quickly clear away your scrap metal supply.

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Construction Site Safety Tips

In order to avoid injuries on site, safety on construction sites is of the up most importance. We’ve come up with some tips to help you avoid accidental injuries:

Personal Equipment – Prevention is always the best protection. Head protection should always be worn in construction areas and other protective gear, like slip-resistant boots and masks, should be worn when appropriate.

Stairways – Stairways should be kept clear of dirt and especially of debris to avoid trips and falls. You can also cover stairs with treads to avoid slipping.CAPTAIN LOGO

Focus on What You Know – Construction workers each have a job to do, and they’re good at that job because it’s what they we’re trained to do. If your company isn’t in the business of moving large equipment, why would you try to do so? At US Rigging, we specialize in moving single pieces and entire plants, along with dismantling services. When you’re in need of insured heavy equipment movers, look no further than US Rigging.

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Moving Heavy Equipment:

2If you are a factory or business owner who frequently moves heavy equipment from one facility to another than you know that it can be an incredible hassle.

Moving this heavy equipment takes a special loading car that can bear the weight of the materials inside. These loading cars feature special truck beds designed to maintain the weight of industrial equipment.

You can rent this loading equipment or even buy it from special facilities but this adds an extra cost to the move of your equipment.

The best option is to get US Rigging to move your equipment

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